The “Électrotechnique et Mécanique PUTMAN” Company was founded in 1949. Specialized in building lighting at the outset it has progressively evolved to the implementation of increasingly sophisticated electrical installations for private and public customers. Belonging to the market leaders it has almost 250 employees divided into 5 specialized departments. The follow-up of the projects is carried out at each step of the implementation by experienced and directly involved and interested teams. The Company firmly believes that the enterprise culture is an economic and social progress tool, and is therefore proud to strictly follow security and safety standards as well as environment protection laws.

Organization chart


  • Corporate name: Électrotechnique et Mécanique PUTMAN
  • Head Office: 30 Rue Henri-Joseph Genesse straat, 1070 Anderlecht, Belgium
  • Legal form: Limited Company (Belgian Law)
  • Established in: 1949
  • VAT Registration: BE- 437.709.827 – 03/26/1/3
  • Trade register: R.C.B.520.435
  • Funds and shareholders’ equity: More than € 10,000,000
  • Total staff: 250
  • Bank references: BNP Paribas Fortis, KBC, ING

Member of the following professional organizations 


Public works references:
Accredited by the Ministry of Public Works for middle classes and energie
CLASS 8 – work higher than 5.330.000€ : Categories H, K, Sub-categories P1 – P2, Sub-categories D16-D17-D18
CLASS 7 – work up to 5.330.000€ : Sub-categories L1 – L2
CLASS 6 – work up to 3.225.000€ : Category L, Sub-categories P3 – S1 – S2
CLASS 5 – work up to 1.810.000€ : Categories F, S, Sub-category F2
CLASS 1 – work up to 135.000€ : Category V

Security Company reference:
Accredited by the Ministry of the Interior under Nr 20 0367 27